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What Do The Different Colors At The Gas Pump Mean?

What Do the Different Colors at the Gas Pump Mean?

Whether you are new to driving in the U.S., new to driving in general, or a driving veteran, you may be wondering what the different colors mean at the gas pump. It seems like there is a code to be cracked that will help you quickly identify the type of gas you are getting quickly and easily. While that may appear to be the case, unfortunately, our country is not one that has laws that require specific colors to be associated with different kinds of gas. So essentially, gas pumps can make any grade or type of gasoline any color they want. But, not all hope is lost. While it may vary from gas station to gas station, there are some commonalities between them. In today’s blog at Fuelco in White Plains, we talk about the various colors you’ll find at the gas pump and the type of gas they are commonly associated with.

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Without further ado, let’s dive in. Again, it’s important that we emphasize that the colors of the gas pump may mean something different depending on the gas station you are at. Most of the time, however, when you see a green-handled gas pump, you can expect that it is a diesel pump. Diesel fuel is thicker and easier to refine and often is more efficient, but it should only be used in diesel engines. Putting diesel fuel in your car made to take regular unleaded gas could cause you serious problems down the road. Diesel fuel is most commonly used by:

  • Semi Trucks

  • Heavy-Duty Pickup Trucks

  • Some Models of Volkswagen Cars

  • Busses

  • Farm Equipment

  • Military Vehicles


In general, when you see a yellow gas pump handle, it signifies that it is an e85 gas pump. E85 is an alternative fuel often known as biofuel that is commonly created from corn. Ethanol is an alcohol compound that is used as an additive in most common fuels (unleaded, super unleaded, and premium). However, there are a few vehicles with engines manufactured with “Flex Fuel” capabilities, meaning they can run off both gasoline and e85 ethanol. There are some engines manufactured that exclusively take e85 as well, but they are fairly uncommon.

Black, Red, White, and Blue

This is where things get a little complicated here in the U.S. The color of many gas pumps are just a solid black. From these black-handled gas pumps, you can usually pump regular unleaded, mid-grade unleaded, and premium unleaded. There are some older pumps that use red, white, and blue in accordance with each of the grades of gasoline. But each one is different and it’s difficult to establish a common pattern with gas pumps like this.

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It goes without saying that even if you are in a hurry, it pays off to read the label on the gas pump. While yellow- and green-colored gas pumps are often consistent between gas stations, it is never guaranteed.

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