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Best Convenient Store Snacks For Your Road Trip, Part 2

In part one of this two-part snack blog, we discussed some of the best classic junk food snacks to bring on your road trip to make it special. But, if junk food isn’t quite your thing, or if you’re trying to turn a new leaf, part two of our Best Convenient Store Snacks For Your Road Trip blog is for you. Today’s blog from Fuelco in White Plains is all about healthy snacks and alternative foods you can turn to in order to keep well-fed and still have an awesome road trip.

Part of road trips is stopping at the gas pump and convenient store to fill up on snacks and unleaded gas. Next time you and your crew need a pit stop, stop by Fuelco and download our gas app for big savings and convenient options like paying from your smartphone!

Healthy Snacks

Now we know that when most people hear “healthy snacks”, they instantly zone out — but hear us out. Believe it or not, there are some healthy snacks out there that are, in our humble opinion, just as delicious as any junk food out there. And the best part? You won’t feel sick to your stomach and get a belly ache from eating an entire pound of gummy bears.

Don’t forget! Fuelco in White Plains is not only a gas pump, but we also offer fast, fresh, and healthy snack alternatives. Without further ado, here are five great healthy snacks to bring on your next road trip!


Popcorn is a health food item that may surprise some of you. Most people associate popcorn with the movie theater version where there are tubs of butter and an ocean worth of salt dumped on top. But, if you can find popcorn with little to no butter, salt, or other seasonings, it is actually a nutritious and delicious snack food that is perfectly portable and great for road trips!

Hard-Boiled Eggs

Hard-boiled eggs are another healthy snack that is perfect for road tripping! Whether you cook them at home or pick them up from the convenience store while you’re fueling up at the gas pump, they are a super tasty snack packed with protein and good fats. Better yet, they are ultra-portable. But don’t be fooled, they pack a surprising amount of punch for such a small, healthy snack. Just be sure that you have somewhere to place the peeled eggshells!

Looking for a gas pump that also sells great healthy snacks? Stop by Fuelco in White Plains today and get affordable gas and great snacks from our Foodsmart.


Carrots are very tasty, dip-able snacks that have just enough natural sugar in them to where most kids love them! Not everyone loves veggies — kids especially. But, if you are trying to get you and your road-trip party to add some more vegetables to their life, carrots are a great way to do it. Replace chips and dip with carrots and hummus and you will be amazed at how great you’ll feel and how amazing it tastes.

String Cheese

Most cheeses are healthy snacks that have significant nutritional value. There are tons of snack cheeses like Cheese Heads (string cheese) and Baby Bells (small cheese wheels) sold at gas pumps, grocery stores, and more. Cheeses have great protein and calcium in them and also provide meaningful calories that help you feel full and energized for longer. Just be sure to eat cheese in moderation, too much cheese can cause problems down the road.

Fruit and Almonds

If you have a cooler, fruit can be a fantastic road trip snack. After all, they are nature’s candy. They are more than just natural sugar, though. Fruit has fiber, potassium, and other essential vitamins and minerals to keep you energized.

We paired fruits and almonds together in the same category because the sweet taste of the fruit expertly complements the salty nature of almonds. While we recommend lightly salted almonds or unsalted, they are chock-full of healthy fats and are very filling. A handful of almonds and a few pieces of fruit can reenergize you and keep you feeling full until it’s time to stop road-tripping for the day and get a full-fledged meal.

If you’re ever in the White Plains area, make sure to stop by Fuelco for healthy snacks and pay-from-your-phone gas pumps!

Stop at Fuelco

Here at Fuelco in White plains, we are more than your average gas pump and convenient store. We take a different approach with our gas app, Foodsmart, and more. With the gas app, you receive awesome savings, the convenience to pay directly from your smartphone if you choose, and stay up to date on exclusive deals. Pair that with GMO-free, organic healthy snacks that we offer with our Foodsmart, and you have a one-of-a-kind recipe for success.

So whether you are taking a 100-mile road trip or a 1,000-mile road trip, make sure to stop in and see us at Fuelco to refuel both you and your vehicle!

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